Friday, 7 October 2016

Men-on TOWN...Virtual Hunt Begins HINT 1

There is a hidden Town living and breathing Alive on the Tracks and it's full of surprises!

Can you discover the objects that are hidden at different Virtual Town?

The primary form of gameplay is to locate a certain item on the track. Remember we have HIDDEN surprises all around the Tracks. Objects you find are then added to the inventory as RaceBucks

Well, this is it, the new one. Yes, of course this one is a little different. More than ever before, we feel like we have created a world.

Explore the men-ON TOWN. It has LOADS of SURPRISES.


For HINTS and CLUES… visit  

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Hidden Treasure Virtual Town is now LIVE

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Monday, 26 September 2016

For the ONES who sacrifice selves to see the Nation rise above the Cause. We bow in respect. Dedicated to THE Dron-Acharya’s
“GU” = Darkness “RUH” = THE Embodied FORCE.
A teacher teaches the winning ways imparting us with the knowledge of “winning and losing.”
A GURU shows way of imparting SELF at ALL situation giving knowledge, “It’s WIN or LEARN. You never lose”
For THE Teacher a learner is a disciple! For a GURU THE Learner is always a Friend. (Bhagwat Gita)
The Teacher teaches us what others achieved! A GURU teaches us what was not achievable by SELF.
The teacher carries the Lamp in the Darkness! A GURU burns self, swallowing the Darkness.
HOW to answer the questions ASKED!  Teacher!!HOW to question the ANSWER presented!  GURU!!
Styles our Intellect!  Teacher!! Styles Intellect to Educate Self!   GURU!!
The power to use 26 Alphabets!  Teacher!! The power to know HOW to use the 26 Alphabets”! GURU!!
Stepping stone to understanding Ignorance!  Teacher!!  Stepping stone to understanding Self!  GURU!!
Helping to flap the wings in the NEST!  Teacher!!Throwing out of the NEST to use WINGS!  GURU!!
Rule Bound! Irrespective of the Giver and Taker!  Teacher!!Break ALL rules to create a LEGACY!  GURU!!
We need more Drona-Acharya’s who can guide each one of us through this world of Darkness and show us the Light within us. Keep Seeking….

Thursday, 22 September 2016

"I" got...One More thing.... Founder to Leader'S

Shri Ratan Tata:-  “I’m afraid I have to take a view that there’s no difference. Because it’s not a band that you cross, it’s a thread. You cross that line, and you’re on the other side.”
Sir Steve Jobs:- “To Me! Marketing is about Values.” Nike Example.
If you are designing your product for customers to BUY! You are a FOUNDER. When you design your product for customers to use! You are a LEADER.
If you consider 9-5 as WORK! You are a FOUNDER. When you consider 9-5 to as ACTION! You are a LEADER.
If you are counting the number of patients you TREAT! You are a FOUNDER.When you are counting the number of patients you TREATED. You are a LEADER.
If you are writing a book for people to BUY! You are a FOUNDER. When you are writing a book for people to READ! You are a LEADER.
 If your awareness is your RETURN! You are a FOUNDER. When your awareness is IN what you return!You are a LEADER
 If you understand Silence means PEACE! You are a FOUNDER.When you understand CALMNESS means silence! You are a LEADER
 If your question is how does it TASTE! You are a FOUNDER. When your question is Are you HUNGRY! You are a LEADER
 If you THINK you are LISTENING! You are a FOUNDER. When you KNOW you are listening! You are a LEADER
 If you are preaching what YOU know! You are a FOUNDER. When you are preaching what others LEARN! You are a LEADER
 If work force means RESULTS! You are a FOUNDER. When result means WORKFORCE!  You are a LEADER
 If VISION means to CHANGE the World! You are a FOUNDER. When vision means change YOURSELF! You are LEADER.
 I got One More thing....
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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

REAL STEAL – Car Race Gaming at its Super Best

REAL STEAL &#8211; Car Race Gaming at its Super Best

Less attention is paid to most sport racing games nowadays because of the copycat attitude of developers among other annoying anomalies’. One thing I also like to take note of when writing reviews is the fact that it is likely to influence user decision. Real Steal is evidently a unique and captivating 3D car racing game. The reasons for this conclusion are not far-fetched. There are a few yardsticks used in honestly reviewing how bad or good game is and I have applied those parameters in testing Real Steal, I can affirm that this is a five star game. Below are some of the parameters considered;

No annoying ads: For me as a game player, one major turn off in games I have a ads popping up left, right and center. Just like in real life, in real steal racing, The ads are placed on the dash board in the racing circuit.
Game that make you earn Prizes: Earn Rewards for achieving in game targets in the game zone.
Multiplayer and single player: The ability of other players to steal your Racebuck is one thing that makes the online racing fun. When racing offline, you can race against the AI or challenge your friend online. It is advisable to master the tracks in offline mode before moving ahead to compete online.
Power-Ups: For each achievement completed, you earn Racebuck. There are a good number of power-ups up for grab during a the race. The race includes power-ups like (nitros and ammos) which make it easier to achieve the goals in the game and win races.
Great user-navigation: To maneuver your opponent, you have the option of tilting or touching. More attention is however, focused on enjoying the primary aim of the game itself (i.e. racing, shooting opponents and Using power-ups) Rather than silly adventures.

Graphics and user interface: Real Steal boasts of high quality 3D graphics that give you a soothing user interface and makes the game look and feel real.
Time Limit: Unlike other car racing games, Real Steal has no time limit, every racer is faced with the business of running faster than their opponent.
Track variety: you can get a number of track varieties even in one lap, some lovely track names are {Urban thrill, City Track, Frantic Frenzy etc.}
Conclusively, without missing words I will say based on my testing of this game that, it arguably one of the best captivating 3D car race game out there. I really had fun playing this game because of its uniqueness that distinguishes it from other car race game in the market today.
If you are a car race game thriller like me, download and install this game today and enjoy the uniqueness of this game today.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Real Steal Racing 3D Free Racing

We're KrisMen Rennsport and we recently released the first game that matches our vision to create the first online town: Real Steal Racing

( ). It is a 3D multi-player racing game that doesn't have any ads or in-app purchases, instead it uses an innovative way of advertising without affecting the user game experience.

In Real Steal Racing you must race against other real players in multi-player mode or challenge the AI in single-player mode. Once the race begins you must unlock achievements, collect coins and convert those to RaceBuck. If you play in multi-player mode you'll be able to steal other players' RaceBuck and exchanging those you can get REAL products for free.

Here are the features that make Real Steal a great game for car race enthusiasts:

◆Single & Multiplayer. You can race against the AI if in single player mode or challenge your friends at a car race in multi-player mode. Beware though, other players will be able to steal your RaceBuck.

◆No annoying ads or IAP. This game uses an innovative in-game ad displays that blend into the environment. The billboards encountered during the car race show real ads that are not intrusive.

◆3D Graphics. Real Steal has stunning high-quality 3D graphics that make the race look realistic. Combined with excellent sound effects you'll have the feeling of a real car race.

◆Power-ups. During the game you'll pick-up various power-ups (i.e. Nitros (NOS), ammos (Missile) that can help you win the race or achieve the in-game goals. The best part about achievements is that you'll obtain RaceBuck for completing them in Multi player Mode.

◆Great Game play. You can use tilt or touch to manoeuvre your car on the tracks. The entire Game play is focused on driving the car and attacking your opponents (i.e. shooting at them) to win the race.

◆Real Steal Racing doesn't have a time limit so the only rule is getting to the finish line first.

With smooth physics simulations and excellent controls/handling, the game is a real steal in terms of race games.

Best of all it is available for free on Google Play with no ads or IAPs:

And also at the Amazon Store:-